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helps to bring your highest healing to your body, mind, and spirit.

helps to bring your highest healing to your body, mind, and spirit.

helps to bring your highest healing to your body, mind, and spirit.helps to bring your highest healing to your body, mind, and spirit.

Plans are under way for our next retreat in 2021.

2 Day and 3 Day Retreat Options

Ready for a change?   Deepen your understanding about what is holding you back...

The perfect place to begin or continue your journey is in Sedona, Arizona.  Sedona is known for Her majestic beauty, brimming with amazing transformative energy. It is so exciting to be planning our next retreat to Sedona and we hope you are interested in joining us in November. We have created these empowering retreats to help you on your journey for better health and improved vitality and energy.  This year we are offering two retreats. Each retreat has specific activities designed to help you experience Sedona to its fullest. Depending where you are on your personal journey one of these two retreats will help you to understand and deepen 

Find the perfect RETREAT for you!

Reboot and Renew Retreat

The 2-day Reboot and Renew Retreat  is from Tuesday evening, November 5 to Thursday morning, November 7. This retreat is for anyone who is already on their journey of self-exploration and wants to deepen their knowledge with activities of greater understanding. It is a time to draw inward and allow the energy of Sedona help guide you.  The 2 day Reboot and Renew Retreat includes but is not limited to-

  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Chakra Clearing Workshop
  • Sound healing and hike with Inner Journey
  • Healing meditation at the Mini Airport Mesa 
  • Watercise sessions
  • Medicine Wheel Healing with Inner Journey
  • Dreams Yet to Come workshop
  •  Breakfast beverages, snacks and a dinner
  • Cost $595.00*

Release, Restore, and Renew Retreat~

The 3-day signature Release, Restore and Renew Retreat is from Friday afternoon, November 8 until Monday morning, November 11. This retreat is great for anyone who wants to focus on exploring limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, mentally, physically, and spiritually and then creating new beliefs to help move you forward. Through various experiences and workshops you will begin recognize and release these old beliefs, learn to manifest new ideas, hopes and dreams and have new tools to help guide you along the way. Using the powerful energy of Sedona, local healers, and the support of the group you are able to enhance this exploration. The 3-day Release, Restore, and Renew Retreat includes but is not limited to-  

  • Guided hikes around some of the most powerful vortexes-(natural energy centers) 
  • Healing ceremonies for Releasing, Manifesting, and Anointing for balance and peace
  • Energy Healing with a local healer
  • Yoga experiences around Sedona including the vortexes with a local Yogi healer
  • Reiki-30 minute session  
  • Meditations and guided conversations on self care and personal growth
  • Workshops: Exploring crystals, Chakra Balancing, Personal Health Goal setting
  • Women Well and Wise Wellness kit
  • Morning exercises tailored to your abilities
  •  Breakfast beverages and two dinners
  • Transportation to and from all retreat activities in Sedona 
  • Cost $1150.00*

Our retreat center is in the heart of Uptown Sedona at the Arroyo Roble Resort, within walking distance of several hotels. Once you arrive in Sedona, we’ll provide transportation to each of the activities offered throughout the retreat. Please feel free to bring a friend and share a room.

Space is limited to 8 women on this wonderful journey of self exploration.  Registration will open

*lodging, airfare and some meals are not included in the retreat cost.



Last September we were honored to share Sedona, our knowledge and experiences with 6 amazing women. Despite record heat last September, our group opened themselves up to trust their inner wisdom. They took their experience back home with them to begin to make meaningful changes in their lives.  We cannot be more proud of all that they have accomplished and how they continue to make changes.


I NEEDED THIS!  I had fallen off my health wagon. Needed a reboot, learn to be more present and find out where my path should lead me. 

I learned to speak kinder, open my heart...exercised and dance. I saw and did things I never have done before. 

Felt overwhelmed by my daily life and lost my voice.

Loved hearing what other women struggle with daily, found my tribe!!

Amazing healing experience with local healers in Sedona. 

The food was delicious...

Facilitators complemented each other ..these girls were amazing!